in Anything Else

During the NDP’s 1st term here in Alberta almost 3 years and counting! The pro-public sector and major union supporter has brought us exactly what they campaigned on, more government and that’s what we got.
They told us they’d diversify the economy, by building up the public sector base.
The NDP created hundreds if not thousands of new government jobs as expected, from chair fillers – interns, nurses, environmentalists and researchers, you name it. The solid majority of Government workers received wage hikes, bigger bonuses, more vacations! The list is literally endless, the retirement packages are too good to be true, the requirements have dropped to entry level hiring. It looks great for all government workers, especially teachers and doctors and those positions we can’t pronounce and don’t know exactly what they do. There’s a whole new level for social media advertising! Literally everyone’s trying to work for the government now. Politicians are getting away with more, they’re unstoppable. They’ve bent over backwards building programs to help parents / indigenous community’s / the LQBTQ community / infrastructure growth / immigrants and refugees. They’ve promised the world to their supporters and the government is now massive. The cities have flourished over this and it shows.

Unfortunately, this dream can’t last. It only works when the government has money to spend. In one of the worst recessions in our history… with an economy mainly based on natural resources; the government has raised our taxes on everything, spent all our money, borrowed billions, not thousands, billions. Now in debt for generations to come! Alberta’s credit rating has fallen, Alberta’s a have not province now, No longer attractive to the private sector, The politicians are living the high life while hundreds of thousands are out of work, people are barely making ends meet. The homeless community quadrupled and bankruptcy’s are through the roof, rural Alberta has crashed, crime is at an all time high. You get the point! More people are dependent on the government, people are spending less / there’s literally no hope for small businesses. Social programs are failing, our “free” healthcare system is backed up worse then ever. The government has more say in our everyday life, more regulations! This is socialism and borderline communism, they didn’t slowly build the government they created a large mess that needs to be cut back to reality. It sounds wonderful and we all want to appreciate the teachers, the doctors etc. But when everyone else lives in poverty for a system that’s getting worse it’s not worth it.
The NDP are campaigning as we speak, spending millions on advertising, saying seniors and teachers and all government workers should worry about the UCP being elected as they’d cut spending and make the public sector smaller. Schools are preaching to the students to get out and vote NDP – for their own benefit, unfortunately many students haven’t worked a full time career and are pro-government. Socialism is in style. This is fear mongering to the extreme.. It scares everyone, but we can’t go on as we are, a budget needs to be in place and we need to look at everything the government’s spending on and go through it with a fine tooth comb to get rid of all the wasted spending… sure someone’s gunna be sad, but taxpayers and the next generation won’t be. We need to step back into reality. CONSERVATIVE, does NOT mean evil, the conservatives are not extreme, this isn’t the United States. The right-wing UCP party is basically liberal on the spectrum! We will still have free health care, we will still have many social programs and less people depending on the government. Think of it as the 18 year old kid moving away, not living in their parents basement till their 40. They want you to fear the UCP.
You have the right to vote!
Overall Alberta prospered for 44 years with a conservative government, did we all forget? Think of this as Stalin’s Soviet Union or North Korea – the people suffer why the minority benefit.

I’m a pro government person, and voted NDP for the fact Prentice and Redford and what’s her name? Smith a previous wildrose leader; got a little greedy towards the end and took advantage of us – the same way the NDP is doing! Oil industry workers obviously didn’t save a dime ‘cause there’s a long line up at the food shelters, but there’s a massive feast behind closed doors at the premiers office now. The fact is our taxes will never lower and only go up is insane, how can anyone accept the cost of living is going up for the greater good and be okay with all the corruption? We are losing!

Think about it people.