Alberta VS Canada Pt1

Alberta VS Canada Pt1

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Soooo……. little re cap

Some snobby French people decided to put on yellow safety vests and protest gas hikes and the French government okay not a problem

Some guy in Drayton Valley opens his mouth about no work and how everybody is suffering alrighty then what about Rocky Mountian House Sundre Edson Hinton Whitecourt and the rest of small town Alberta that has a thumb in the oil and gas pie?

So protestors in Calgary Grand Prarrie Edmonton & Nisku start making a ton of noise gotta shake the head

I agree 100% that Trudeau & Notley don’t care about the oil & gas sector it’s just been one giant spending spree in the last four years but I read the papers watch the news Kenny & Sheer? Really?

Kenny looks like Bobandy from TPB and he doesn’t have a clue at what he wants to do Sheer hell’s bells he looks like a mini Trudeau you can tell that putz isn’t even close to being ready to run a Provence or a country between the two of them
It’s all pipelines this pipelines that blah blah blah
Well what about our vets? How come nobody stands up for them? What about the drug war we have? What about the schooling problem we got? What about the imagrant problem we’ve got?
Canada and Alberta has a lot of problems right now
Yeah sure we got a pipeline that cost what? 48 billion
Yeah so what? If we keep doing what we are doing we’re gonna be F * C K E D

I want Notley and Trudeau out just as much as the next person but sheer and Kenny are just fearmongering

Now to this convoy
You go on Kijiji or swing into any truck dealership your average oilfield truck is $30,000 -$180,000 plus your trailer
If you got something that’s all paid off pat your self on the back and have a cold one on me
If you got a truck and trailer with big payments well better get er in gear turn and burn and make those truck payments I could go finance a truck and before the ink drys I’ll have work for it

The trucking industry is severely cut throat I’ll bet my pay cheque that everybody in those convoys under bidded each other at one point if your only paying for your fuel then you’ve got a problem people won’t believe me when I talk about this but hey it’s my two cents and last I checked freedom of speech isn’t against the law

Don’t keep falling into fearmongering